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Car to the junkyard

Do you want to sell your junk car, damaged car or second-hand vehicle in the blink of an eye? Do you want to buy used car parts? Choose the car dismantling shop.

Car to the junkyard

Do you want to sell a car with damage, a junk car or another old or broken vehicle quickly? The junkyard buys vehicles in all conditions and from every make of car. Bodywork damage, fire damage, a broken engine, a worn clutch, a jammed gear or a leaking head gasket… you offer it, we buy it. In most cases you will be able to trade your car for cash. You will also receive a certificate of destruction, aka as a Death Certificate. This certificate proves your vehicle has been demolished and its days are over. The car dismantling company buys, among other things, your vehicle:

– Junk car
– Damaged car
– Second-hand car
– Car without valid (apk) inspection
– Company car or van
– Truck or lorry
– Motorhome or bus
– Vintage car
– Moped or small license free car
– Engine or trike
– Quad

Car pick up free of charge

Is your car not able to drive anymore due to damage or is it no longer allowed to drive on public roads due to a lack of a valid inspection certificate? In these instances, you can choose to have the car picked up at a location of your choice. Most car dismantling companies offer the possibility to pick up your car for free. In most cases your car can be picked up quickly. Sometimes even within 24 hours. Are you curious about the value of your car? Please contact the car dismantling company.

Buy used car parts

Do you want to buy car parts and not pay too much money for them? Used car parts can save you big deal in this case. The employees of the car dismantling company disassemble usable parts from old and broken cars. These parts are checked and offered for sale again. In some cases, they are even sold with warranty. You can contact the car dismantling shop for the purchase of a complete engine, gearbox, brake pads, brake discs, battery, clutch, exhausts, windscreen wipers, lighting and car tyres.

For which brands can you turn to the car dismantling company?

You can turn to the car dismantling company for buying car parts or for selling your end-of-life car, no matter what type of brand. We accept almost all brands. Below you will find a list of the most sought after brands:

Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Citroën, Chrysler, Dacia, Dodge, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Smart, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.

Op vindt u informatie over alles wat met de autosloperij of autosloop te maken heeft. Bijvoorbeeld informatie over het verkopen van uw sloopauto, informatie over het demonteren van een sloopauto, informatie over schadeauto’s, kapotte auto’s en tweedehandsauto’s, informatie over autosloperijen, autodemontagebedrijven en autoslopen en informatie over gebruikte en tweedehands auto onderdelen. Het onderwerp van deze blog is "Car to the junkyard".

  • Wij kopen iedere sloop-, schade- of tweedehands auto!
  • Bij ons ontvangt u ALTIJD een eerlijke vergoeding!
  • Altijd gratis opgehaald, direct geld & RDW vrijwaring!

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Bent u opzoek naar een onderdeel? Vraag dan kosteloos een offerte op bij verschillende aanbieders. U kunt bij ons terecht voor nieuwe, maar ook voor sloop onderdelen, gebruikte onderdelen en tweedehands onderdelen!



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